APRIL 3rd thru 7th – Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee & APRIL 17th thru 21st – Bantam, U16 , U18

(*Squirt & Pee Wee Players will be assigned Practice & Game times after Day 1 of Tryouts for Days 2 through 4)

4/6/17 5:20 – 6:20pm
4/7/17 6:00-7:20pm
Plus 4 more skills evaluations: One per month from May through August

4/3/17 5:40-6:40pm (A-L) & 6:50-7:50pm (M-Z)
4/4/17 5:40-6:40pm & 6:50-8:10pm*
4/5/17 5:40-6:40pm & 6:50-8:10pm*
4/6/17 5:30-6:30pm & 6:40-8:00pm*

4/3/17 5:30-6:30pm (A-L) & 6:40-7:40pm (M-Z)
4/4/17 5:30-6:50pm & 7:00-8:00pm*
4/5/17 5:30-6:50pm & 7:00-8:00pm*
4/6/17 6:30-7:50pm & 8:00-9:00pm*

4/17/17 7:00-8:10pm
4/18/17 7:00-8:10pm
4/19/17 5:30-6:50pm
4/20/17 7:10-8:30pm

Midget U16
4/17/17 7:40-9:00pm
4/18/17 7:40-9:00pm
4/19/17 7:40-9:00pm
4/20/17 8:30-9:50pm

Midget U18
4/17/17 7:40-9:00pm
4/18/17 7:40-9:00pm
4/19/17 8:40-10:00pm
4/20/17 7:00-8:20pm




Click on the links to the right for your particular level

Level Before 4/1 After 4/1- Walk-in
MITE $75 $100
SQUIRT $150 $200
PEEWEE $150 $200
BANTAM $150 $200
U16 / U18 $150 $200


Full Season

MITE (2009-10-11-12) 

SQUIRT (2007-2008)

PEEWEE (2005-2006) AA, A, B

BANTAM (2003-2004) AA, A, B

Short Season

MIDGET U16 (2001-2002) AA, A

MIDGET U18 (1999-2000) AA, A

Skylands Kings Tier II

Program Highlights

  • Entry into NEW JERSEY YOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE for 2017-18 Season (N.J.Y.H.L.)
  • 10 Days of Training Camp: July-August 2017 – Six practices and four off ice sessions with Parisi per team
  • Summer Camp Discounts. Players in good standing will receive 10% towards SIW run Hockey Camps.
  • Midgets will BEGIN training camp first week of August immediately followed by regular season
  • Bantams, Peewees and Squirts will BEGIN training camp 2nd or 3rd week of August dependent upon start date of League Schedule
  • Kings Mite U8 will begin on or about September 1st
  • Weekly Dryland Training thru Parisi Speed School (Midget-SQ, up to 2x a week) (U8 1x a week)
  • Teams will adhere to the American Development Model for skill development and ratios.
  • Game uniforms not included (Home/Away Jersey, sox, shell) can be purchased through XHockey Products website
  • Mite to Midget will receive dryland shorts and workout tee shirt.
  • Tuition includes entry fee for 2 Tournaments (Locations – TBA) (1 tournament for Midget Short Season teams)
  • 20+ games for Mites & Short Season Midgets plus 4 non-league home games
  • 30+ games for Squirts, plus 4 non league home games
  • 40+ games for Pee Wee & Bantams, plus 6 non league home games
  • Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology and/or Academic Seminars
  • A minimum of (3) team video sessions
  • Two player evaluations by coaching staff
  • EMT present for all home games
  • Rink supplied score keepers
  • Squirt and Kings U8 team playing levels will be determined by classification through NJYHL Jamborees.
  • Practices will use a combination of: station based, small area shared and full ice training sessions.
  • Midget =  up to 26 practices
  • Bantam / PW = up to 52 practices
  • SQ = up to 48 practices
  • Mite =  up to 42 practices

2017-18 Player Evaluation & Placement Process Introduction

The Skylands Kings Hockey Club performed a review of its player evaluation and placement process for the upcoming 2017-2018 Hockey season. The primary goal of the evaluation and player selection process is to maintain an equitable and thorough process for assessing player abilities, skills and game awareness.

All players will be given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their playing ability. The Kings Organization will use a variety of player assessment criteria to evaluate each player. Once the evaluation process is complete, players will be placed on a team that will maximize individual player development, and overall team success.

The Kings recognize that there is no perfect process, and that there will always be players and parents who will disagree, and be upset with the decisions. This will always exist in the case of a tiered (AA, A, B) system. We believe that our process is reasonable and fair, and, in the end, shall provide players the opportunity to play on a team that is matched to that players overall ability.

It is the Kings’ intention to field an AA, A and B team at each level without compromising the integrity and competitive aspect of hockey. Athlete development is far more important than the letters associated with each team. The Kings Organization will make a decision with respect to each level with the athlete’s and the team’s best interest in mind.

Tier II Fees for 2017-18

Age Inititial Payment Due 9/1/17 Total
MITE U8 $870 $600 $1,470
SQUIRT – U10 $2,095 $1,300 $3,395 **
PEEWEE – U12 $2,295 $1,500 $3,795 **
BANTAM – U14 $2,495 $1,500 $3,995 **
MIDGET – U16 $1,515 $1,000 $2,515 **
MIDGET – U18 $1,515 $1,000 $2,515 **

** Goalies are responsible for 60% of the players tuition

*** A 10% Discount is available for players paying in full at the tryout last day of signing.

Payment Plans Available

Payment plans are available by meeting with the Kings General Manager.  All plans will have monthly payments due on the 1st of each month and require a credit card number on file with a current expiration date. If payments are not made by the 3rd of each month, the credit card will be charged automatically. If payment is declined, late fees and service charges will apply.

All payment plans will be charged a 10% service fee that will be incorporated into your payments.

2017-18 Head Coaches:

Mite Navy: Art Prunty  

Mite White: Jason Tinney

Mite Gold: Derek Baker 

Squirt Navy: John Turco

Squirt White: Brad Turner 

Squirt Gold: Stephen Hughes & Chris Watt 

Squirt Black: Don O’Neill 

PeeWee Navy: Tucker Oswald & Tom Boudreau 

PeeWee White: Mark Weaver 

PeeWee Gold: Chris Scarpa

PeeWee Black: Gino Custode

Bantam Navy: Jeff Sutton 

Bantam White: Mark Crevina

Midget U16 Navy:  Patrick Choules

Midget U16 White:  Patrick Choules

Midget U18 Navy: Jason Briggs