Parent Resources

Parental behaviors are just as important as those we demand of our athletes.  How we display our emotions towards the game, practices and participation in the sport directly affect our children. The Skylands Kings are committed to excellence on and off the ice, and that goes for our parents as well.  Every parent has signed the Parent Code of Conduct and is expected to adhere to this ethical code.  Below are a few resources to consider when your child is participating in practices, games and other events.

The 10 Commandments Of Positive Hockey Parenting

By David S. Stover

As parents get ready for another year at the rink, here are a few words of wisdom that help everyone have a successful and enjoyable hockey season:

  1. Be positive with your child They have accomplished something that few will ever be able to attain, by simply being a part of a hockey team.  Never put your child down; encourage them.
  2. Don’t criticize the coaches. They are responsible for taking many different personalities and molding them into a cohesive unit.  A team that works and plays together as one is something I have been trying to do with my kids for the past 16 years.  To do this in the shortest amount of time as possible is next to impossible.
  3. Encourage your child to follow the team rules  Getting them to practice/games on time, adhering to a team dress code, and rules of appropriate behavior, both on the ice and off, will make for a successful team and season.
  4. Insist on good grades
  5. Don’t show jealously of other players – who might score more goals, get more assists or get more playing time.  Each player has a job to do, and if everyone does his or her job well then success will come to the team.  Jealousy is a detriment to every team.
  6. Don’t be a know-it-all  The coaches know the talent of their players.  They have the skills and knowledge to get the most out of his or her players.  Let them do their job.
  7. Insist that your child respect – the team rules, game officials and show good sportsmanship all the time.  The team does not tolerate unsportsmanship-like conduct both on and off the ice.
  8. Encourage your children to believe – in themselves and their ability as a team player.  Positive input nets positive results.
  9. Let the coaches have their time – with the team after practices and games.  That is when coaches can have the undivided attention of their team to discuss the practice and the game.  Having a parent in the locker room can be a distraction to both the players and the coaches.
  10. Encourage our child to have fun – and to play for the love of the game.  Be a positive role model for your child and others associated with the team.

Follow these commandments and you and your child will have a happy and successful season.


Parent Code of Conduct

  1. I will always remember that my child plays the game of hockey to have fun.
  2. I will never scold my child for mistakes that are made on the ice, because children have more need of example than criticism.
  3. I will accept the results of each game, teach my child to be gracious in victory, and to turn defeat into victory by working towards improvement.
  4. I will not coach from the sidelines, letting my child’s coach be in charge at every game.
  5. I will never use abusive or profane language directed towards anyone connected with the game. This includes the children, referees, coaches and other parents.
  6. I will be an example of sportsmanship to others and will expect the same in return from my child, the coaches, and other parents.
  7. I will attempt to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it.
  8. I will be encouraging, supportive, and positive in regard to my child’s play on the ice and the development of his/her hockey skills.
  9. I will fully support the coaches as they carry out the developmental objectives of the Skylands Kings Hockey Club at all levels.
  10. I will not interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach.
  11. I will never show favoritism towards any member of the team, making sure no one, especially my child, receives unfair advantages.
  12. I will firmly stand behind the objectives of the Skylands Kings Hockey Club at all times, and support its priorities of fun, skills development and sportsmanship under all circumstances.
  13. I understand that violation of any of the principles contained in the Skylands Kings Parents’ Code of Conduct may result in the dismissal of my child and / or me from the Skylands Kings Hockey Club. I further understand that tuition remains non-refundable if my child and / or I are dismissed from the Skylands Kings Hockey Club.